This blog is more like a diary, rather than a useful ‘how-to-do-X-in-3-days’ time thing. Therefore, all opinions and reflections are wholly mine (which I suppose goes without saying), but also that there are rambling bits and there aren’t always useful bits of info explicitly listed (e.g. exact ticket prices and exact timetables etc). However, I always try to provide links to said info wherever possible. Also, the opinions and reflections will reflect my ‘travel’ personality.

So! I am twenty something years old and working full time (including a day job and a hobby which I want to eventually replace the former with…!). I have recently married and hope to have children in a few years’ time.

I enjoy travel, but am not the type of person who would want to do it for years on end. Four to six months, though, sure (and I did this in 2015 with my now husband, which is when this blog started!)…but I do feel I’ve scratched that itch, for now. Probably the next time will be after future children are grown and retirement beckons!

Now, it’s mostly holidays, or ‘short’ travel periods (think two to three weeks max!), depending on the time I can get off. In between, I am a bit of a homebody. So, I like basic comforts when it comes to night time accommodation. I can stretch to a campsite with a hot shower and loo block but nowhere here will you read of wild camping on the sides of mountains, for example.

Also, I enjoy walking in countryside and the occasional tough hill (think UK hill), but I am not an adrenaline junkie. I am far from it. I stick to tried and tested tracks and walks if being active, and don’t stray into the wilderness. I also don’t do anything unless well harnessed or strapped in – no free climbing or cliff diving or anything like that here! In addition, I’m not massively into water sports either. I swim and snorkel but not much else.

I like history (although I don’t always retain what I learn, I enjoy learning it!), art and culture so museums and galleries will feature more than shopping malls, though I do love a good bargain so the latter will crop up from time to time.

And finally, if I’m not enjoying my food / meals, this can genuinely ruin a holiday for me. I’m not some kind of food expert, I just like what I like (got a reasonably wide palate, I’d say). But it means I will often talk in detail about the meals!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Comments and questions and suggestions always welcome. Will do my best to respond. You can also contact me at sugarfuelledscribblings@gmail.com.

Ro x


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