Off to Australia!

Hi all (or just Mum, not sure who reads this…)!

So since 2015, I have been on a couple of good holidays (Italy for my honeymoon and North Wales just before one Christmas, in case you’re interested!), of course, but as I have resumed full time work and life, I have (unfortunately) neglected to blog about them.

However, plans have been made to visit Australia for two weeks with an old secondary school friend of mine to go and see a bit of it and also to visit a third school friend who is currently travelling out there (so we haven’t seen her in a while).

So, I thought, time to return to this blog, as it’s sure to be a fairly epic adventure. Unlike many people I know, I’ve never been especially desperate to visit Aus (not sure why, it’s nothing personal, I think it’s just so far away…also, I’m not a massive water sports or adrenaline-seeking type!), however with a mate out there at the moment…this is the perfect time!

So follow / read on to discover more about my Aussie adventure with friends (left Dave at home, but he’s been down under before, so didn’t feel tooooo guilty haha!)…!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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