Day 73 / Sunday 24th May: flight to Phuket

We booked a taxi the day prior via the hostel at a reasonable cost to take us to Bangkok airport early the next morning. The hostel had had breakfast included the previous days and although the taxi was earlier than their breakfast ‘timings’ they still kindly provided with some breakkie – thumbs up! Taxi ride and the flight to the Thai island of Phuket were unremarkable. Phuket airport offers a few options for getting to your hotel. Prices are fixed (phew!) and it was straightforward to buy tickets for a minivan, which would take us and a few other travellers and drop us all off at our respective hotels. It’s a bit weird after that as you’re sort of just milling about but don’t worry – they haven’t forgotten you and you’ll be called when a minivan is ready.

As expected the minivan went via a tour agency as they get a commission for doing so. We didn’t book anything and didn’t feel pressured to do so.

We were the last two to get dropped off, and it was basically because the driver wasn’t sure where our hotel was, but once we were going down the relevant road, we all kept our eyes peeled for the hotel and spotted the sign for it in time.

I personally think our chosen hotel is a hidden GEM. For around £20 a night we had a huge double room with a spotless ensuite and a lovely balcony. There was daily housekeeping. The hotel also has a pool which we practically had to ourselves as it was low season. The TV also had a lot of English channels! We weren’t right by a beach but within a fifteen to twenty minute walk of Patong beach and the nightlife. As it was low season and our hotel was further inland, it was very quiet and peaceful – needed at this point!!

Hotel balcony view
Hotel balcony view

We had a very lazy day watching films in bed before heading out in pouring rain (yep) to a nearby restaurant. We had hoped to eat at the hotel restaurant but it unfortunately wasn’t open in the evenings. Actually, many restaurants on our road weren’t – I think as it was low season and there were hardly any people about so there was no point.

The one we chose was good, inexpensive and did decent Thai curries, however the ceiling was dotted with giant flies which kept dropping to the floor, sometimes narrowly missing our food. This was absolutely terrifying and no we did not return.

Day 74 / Monday 25th May – Phuket

This one will be relatively short. The morning was dry (woohoo!) and we discovered the hotel restaurant did a version of a cooked English breakfast (double woohoo!). It isn’t the cheapest restaurant ever but also not too expensive. It is expensive by Thai standards, though, but worth it for convenience and anyway, we got such a good deal on the room.

Double Woohoo
Double Woohoo

After breakfast-brunch we walked to Patong beach to lie around, read and frolic in the sea for a bit. It isn’t the cleanest of beaches and there are a lot of touts, which got a little tiresome. Also couldn’t find any deckchairs to pay for the day as on previous beaches, instead paid for some funny mat things (there was an umbrella though). We did buy some rather yummy sugared nuts at one point though and overall the beach experience wasn’t unpleasant.

Patong beach with approaching storm clouds - eek!
Patong beach with approaching storm clouds – eek!

However after a couple of hours, storm clouds started gathering and we headed back sharpish to the hotel. There, we swam in the safety of the pool, knowing our room was close by, whilst it rained warm rain all around us. That was pretty awesome.

This is Dave in the pool, as seen from balcony
This is Dave in the pool, as seen from balcony

In the evening we tried to find a Tripadvisor-recommended Italian supposedly very close to the hotel that was nowhere in sight. After traipsing around for a while, poring over Googlemaps, we concluded that it had clearly recently shut. In the end we headed to another Italian just round the corner – The Godfather (lol). Food was good, bit salty. Owner was very enthusiastic and chatted away to us and gave us his card (!).

The Godfather
The Godfather

Day 75 / Tuesday 26th May – Phuket

We rose late and after a noodle soup lunch at the hotel restaurant we wandered up our road to try and find somewhere selling snorkel gear as Dave wanted to purchase a mask. We did find somewhere that looked decent and was being run by a British ex-pat and he got a mask he was happy with for about US $20, which seemed fine to us. It’s lasted and done its job several times since purchase so all’s good.

The rain started again whilst we were in there so we dashed back to our room after and swam around the pool a bit again.

In the evening, we walked to an Indian restaurant a little way away. It had good food, again expensive by Thai standards (bit of a trend on Phuket Island), and some items were unavailable as it was low season.

After, we walked to the area near Patong beach famous for its nightlife, to maybe have a drink and take in the so-trashy-yet-somehow-endearing ambience! However, I managed to smash my ankle against some sort of trailer jutting out from the back of a parked bike onto the pavement so badly that we had to hobble back to the hotel, Dave supporting me as we went.

Well done, Ro!

On our hobbles we did spot a tourism office advertising a door-to-door ‘bus’ (in Thailand this generally means several stops and several buses of varying quality, however they WILL get you there!) to our next location, which we needed to sort anyway, so we popped in and booked it.

Then to bed with a cold bottle of water from the fridge on a raised foot!!

Day 76 / Wednesday 27th May – Phuket

The next morning/afternoon we decided to rest to give my ankle some time to recover. As weight bearing hurt so much we toyed with the terrifying idea of seeking medical aid but luckily by the late afternoon, the pain had worn off a lot and we were able to conclude there was no serious injury!

We walked back to the party-area just for a look round and saw lots of random things. Also took a quick walk along the beach before returning back to the hotel.

Seen on wanderings round Patong
Seen on wanderings round Patong
Seen on wanderings round Patong
Seen on wanderings round Patong
Seen on wanderings round Patong
Seen on wanderings round Patong

Found a lovely Thai place next door and ordered some excellent curry, ok prices and huge portions – unfortunately didn’t write the name down!

Was a pretty relaxed stay in Phuket. We didn’t come with any set plans or boxes to tick, and I’m glad of it. Phuket is cool and suited our needs in terms of just chilling out but won’t lie, the area we sort of stayed in and wandered around, Patong, isn’t the classiest of places so just bear this in mind when booking a Phuket break. Also we were there in the rainy season, so if you wish to avoid this, check the best times to visit online beforehand.

Next stop: Ao Nang, Thailand!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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